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Donor Roll of Honour

The Brotherton Circle recognises the special commitment made by alumni and friends who have pledged a legacy to Leeds.

NameGraduation YearGiving CircleYears of Support
Ms Judith BevingtonThe Brotherton Circle
Mr Chris & Mrs Morella BoonThe Brotherton Circle
Mr David BrothertonThe Brotherton Circle
Mr Jeff CooperThe Brotherton Circle
Professor Christine GrayThe Brotherton Circle
Mr Raymond Harris Harris EsquireThe Brotherton Circle
Mr Dominic JellinekThe Brotherton Circle
Mr Adrian SalmonThe Brotherton CircleTen Year Donor Badge
Alderman Frank TonksThe Brotherton CircleTen Year Donor Badge
Mrs Valerie WilsonThe Brotherton Circle
Mr Donald Vincent1942The Brotherton Circle
Mrs Anita Woolman JP1942The Brotherton Circle
Dr Eric Hunt1944The Brotherton Circle
Mr Harold Gregg1946The Brotherton Circle
Mrs Margaret Exley1947The Brotherton CircleFive Year Donor Badge
Mrs Barbara Illingworth1948The Brotherton Circle
Dr David Jones1948The Brotherton Circle
Professor Thomas Marshall1948The Brotherton Circle
Mr Brian Parkinson1948The Brotherton Circle
Miss Mary Rawes1948The Brotherton Circle
Miss Marjorie Braithwaite1949The Brotherton CircleTen Year Donor Badge
The Venerable A J Comber1949The Brotherton Circle
Mr Robert Cribbes1950The Brotherton Circle
Dr Marion Hanson1950The Brotherton CircleTen Year Donor Badge
Dr Christopher Dean1951The Brotherton Circle

*Donors are listed on this website on the basis of their contribution from 1 August 2011 - 31 July 2019 inclusive and will be updated annually after the close of the University financial year (ending 31 July). Some of the donors listed have given to the North American Foundation for the University of Leeds, to support grants made by that foundation to the University. A list of those donors can be seen here.