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Donor Roll of Honour

Grants from the North American Foundation for the University of Leeds were made possible by the following donors:

NameGraduation YearGiving CircleYears of Support
Pfizer Inc
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Dr Geoffrey Eichholz1942
Mrs Ottilie Muller1943
Professor Vernon Newhouse1949
Dr Deryck Duncalf1950
Dr George Straschnov1951
Mr Robert Collinge1952
Professor Donald Hindley1953
Mrs Margery Rowell1953Five Year Donor Badge
Dr Christopher Blagg1954
Dr Stanley Rosen1955
Dr John Wilby1955
Mr Clement Onyemelukwe1956
Ms Bronwen Roberts1956
Mr James Emory1957
Professor John D. Meakin1957
Dr David Savage1957
Mr John Seidler1957
Professor Akinwande Soyinka1957
Dr Peter Chapman1958
Dr John Townsley1958
Dr George Street1959
Mr Edward Walker1959Five Year Donor Badge
Mrs Joyce Healy1960

*Donors are listed on this website on the basis of their contribution from 1 August 2011 - 31 July 2019 inclusive and will be updated annually after the close of the University financial year (ending 31 July). Some of the donors listed have given to the North American Foundation for the University of Leeds, to support grants made by that foundation to the University. A list of those donors can be seen here.