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Donor Roll of Honour

We are pleased to honour the following individuals as donors supporting The University of Leeds. To see donors who graduated from Leeds, please browse All Donors by graduation year.

NameGiving CircleYears of Support
Mr Abas
Mrs Christine Alley
Dr Michael Allis
Mr Philip Anker
Mr Richard Bailey
Mr Peter Banwell
Mr Michael Bartlett
Dr Montu Basak
Ms Judith Bevington
Mrs Linda Beynon
Dr Christine Bold
Mr Chris & Mrs Morella Boon
Mrs Dorothy Bowden
Miss Janelle Briggs
Mr Henry BrooksFive Year Donor Badge
Mr David Brotherton
Ms Juliet BrownFive Year Donor Badge
Ms Michelle CalvertTen Year Donor Badge
Miss Guilliana Castle
Mr Michael Collins
Mr Jeff Cooper
Mrs Sarah Cross
Dr Matt Dakin
Mr Peter Dale

*Donors are listed on this website on the basis of their contribution from 1 August 2011 - 31 July 2019 inclusive and will be updated annually after the close of the University financial year (ending 31 July). Some of the donors listed have given to the North American Foundation for the University of Leeds, to support grants made by that foundation to the University. A list of those donors can be seen here.